Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Founder, Warren Hellman, Dies


“What the hell is money for if it isn’t for something like that?” 

The above quote is from millionaire Warren Hellman ,and he’s talking about Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, the annual free music festival that he founded as a gift to the city of San Francisco. Started in 2001, HSB grew in size and popularity to become one of the city’s signature music events.

The private equity financier passed away on Sunday. According to the site, the show will go as planned from October 5-7, 2012 in Golden Gate Park. The San Francisco Parks and Recreation department has already voted to rename Speedway Meadow to Hellman Hollow.

“Giving really does move me. Part of it is selfish. It’s fun to be appreciated. But the other part is that good things really are growing.”

And hopefully continue to grow. Warren Hellman established an endowment to keep funding Hardly Strictly Bluegrass which should keep the crowds coming to Golden Gate Park for years to come.


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