Glastonbury Declared “Most Promiscuous Summer Festival” in UK


Photo Credit: Vito Valentinetti

Festival fans looking for new experiences, and by new experiences we mean sleeping with a stranger, should head to Glastonbury, which is the most promiscuous UK summer festival according to a new survey. Sex toy retailer, Lovehoney, interviewed 1,000 festies to find out what rocks their tent (or camper-van) at a festival.

Most Promiscuous Music Festival
Over a third of the respondents said Glastonbury was the best place to sleep with someone new, while Latitude apparently is the place to maintain your monkish lifestyle.

1. Glastonbury 34%
2. Creamfields 13%
3. Download 10%
4. T in the Park 9%
5. V Festival 8%
6. The Secret Garden Party 7%
7. Leeds 6%
8. Isle of Wight 5%
9. Reading 4%
10. Bestival 2%
11. Latitude 1%

Headliner Most Likely To Put You In The Mood For Sex
Unsurprisingly, an overwhelming 30% chose Rihanna as the headliner that gets them in the mood. But Coldplay? And Muse? Really?

1. Rihanna 30%
2. Red Hot Chilli Peppers 17%
3. Adele 10%
4. Coldplay 9%
6. Muse 7.5%
7. Queen 7%
8. Iron Maiden 6.5%
9. Kasabian 5%
10. The Cure 3%
11. Justin Bieber 2%

Best Place For Sex At A Festival

Not sure why having sex backstage is so low on this list as it would suggest you somehow have gained both ultra VIP status and are getting some love.

1. Tent
2. Car
3. Campervan
4. Quiet spot in a field
5. Yurt
6. Backstage
7. Dance tent
8. In the crowd
9. Portaloo

Here are a few more fun facts from the survey.

Booze is the biggest turn-on for fans at 55%.

Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-35

Only 8% would not consider having sex at all at a festival.

57% said they were more likely to try new things sexually with their partner while at a fest.

The weather was only the fifth biggest turn-off at 18%. Smelly people was #1.

Just over a fifth (22%) have taken a sex toy to a festival.

Born during a backstage Bonnaroo downpour, Vito's mission in life is to dance, write, and travel to all the great festivals that this wide world has to offer.