Glamping it Up At Music Festivals Around the World

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Like sleeping outdoors, but hate pitching a tent? Wish your outdoor accommodations included a luxurious bed instead of rock strewn and uneven dirt? How about a nice glass of red wine and a chef prepared meal before heading over to the main stage to catch a headliner?

Then you, my fellow festival junkie, are a glamper.

Glamping is quickly becoming a hot trend at music festivals around the world. Also known as glamourous camping, glamping allows fans to enjoy the festival experience with a Game of Thrones style setup. Think of glamping as the middle ground between a waterlogged tent and a four star hotel.

Not every festival junkie is stoked on the idea of glamping, but then again, the hardcore campers aren’t the target market. Glamping doesn’t come cheap, with most price tags well out of the range of the typical camper. But for those that have already spent decades “roughing it” or for those that want a true VIP experience, then glamping is a brilliant option for spending the night at a festival.

Music Festival Glamping Around the World

Tangerine Fields is a UK based company that lets festies book pre-pitched tents at major UK festivals like Isle of Wight, Camp Bestival, and Creamfields. Purchase a package through their website and a campsite will be waiting upon arrival along with 24 hour security, private toilets, and more. They even offer gypsy caravans and tipis for the true glamper.

FloydFest, a jam festival in Virginia, will this year offer “Love Shacks” for festival campers. These 16 foot yurts come stacked with extra perks like a solar shower, ice and water delivery, electricity, and an outdoor kitchen.

Or how about Coachella, which lets campers throw down in the luxury of a full blown safari tent. Air conditioning, golf cart shuttles, late night snacks, and a private parking lot along with an all access artist pass to Coachella may mean the best weekend of your life — all this for only $6000 (or more).

The Download Festival in the UK this year featured a baller pop-up hotel dubbed The RIP Metal Hotel. The two person suite freatures its own toilet, flat screen TV, thermostatic controls, and and a shower.

Seen any serious glamping this summer in your travels? Think it destroys the spirit of music festivals or improves the experience? Leave your comments below.

Born during a backstage Bonnaroo downpour, Vito's mission in life is to dance, write, and travel to all the great festivals that this wide world has to offer.