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KP Sling Bag Gear Review

We’ve been using our KP Sling Bag for a while now, putting it through its paces, and there’s a lot to love about this little bag that could. If you need a streamlined, low profile bag for traveling, festivals or just bopping around town, you can do a lot worse than the Sling. It’s strong, water-resistant and secure, plus it has a hidden pocket for your stash passport and other valuables. Any time we wore it out and about it became a conversation piece, with friends and strangers alike approaching us to ask about it. In the words of one passer-by, it’s “like a messenger bag and a fanny pack had a kid!”


  • Great if You’re Low on Pocket Space: You can fit a lot of (small) stuff in this bag as shown in the video, so this is great if you’re going to be in shorts or a dress.
  • More Secure Than Pockets or a Shoulder Bag: The Sling’s Zipper Loop Lock is so simple and effective we wish we’d thought of it. It’s a simple way to keep your valuables safe because you will definitely feel it if someone tries to get into it. Plus, since you’ll wear it over your shoulder (and potentially with the waist strap) no one will be able to snatch it like a purse.
  • The Secret Compartment: Is rad. ‘Nuff said.
  • Insanely Tough: This ain’t no flimsy bag – you could run over this thing with a bulldozer and it feels like it’d be none the worse for wear (Note: We didn’t test this. If you do, you might want to take your stuff out of it first)
  • Waterproof: We took this thing out in the pouring rain and it performed amazingly. We had paper, electronics, money and other valuables in there on multiple occasions, and it stayed dry as a bone. Great if you end up in a deluge at your next fest.
  • Multiple Compartments: There are three separate padded zippered areas, featuring eight compartments in this thing, to help keep your gear organized and safe. There were a few times we wished it was one larger compartment, but all in all we were happy to keep ’em separated.

All in all it’s a great bag, especially for the price, as long as your needs don’t require to you carry anything much bigger than your hand. Shop for these bags on the Keep Pursuing website, or head over to Amazon.

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