Gear Review: Getting Stuck on Tenacious Tape

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Most of the stuff reviewed from the 100 Nights of Summer Tour has centered on the glamour gear like lightweight tents and super packable sleeping pads, but it’s time for an unsung hero to take a turn in the spotlight.

That’s right. I’m talking about tape. Specifically, Tenacious Tape from Gear Aid.

Bought on a whim to patch a dog-inflicted puncture on my coat, I was impressed enough to bring it along with me to Europe. It comes in its own small plastic case, barely weighs anything, and saved my ass (and toe) on numerous occasions. I’m not knocking the noble duct tape here (oh, we love our duct tape), but as far as space and weight goes, I’m going to always have Tenacious Tape in my arsenal.

The half dozen patch jobs on my elderly EMS backpack proved the strength of this tape. It’s also clear which is a nice touch as I really don’t need any more street cred looking like a homeless vagabond dirtbag backpacker. It can also double (and I’m completely sure they don’t recommend using for this purpose) as an all purpose first-aid tape. I found this out after splitting my toe open during a Slovenian Riviera beach expedition. After running out of butterfly bandages, I gave Tenacious tape a whirl and it worked like a charm.

The best part. It costs under $5. Pick it up at REI or online here.

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