Fun and Fashion with Sojourner Face Coverings
By / August 16, 2021


Important! Microfiber face coverings are not effective when it comes to protection from COVID-19. If you are in a situation that requires a mask, use the recommended N95 mask and please get vaccinated.

Long before the pandemic, festies were no strangers to face coverings. What we already knew was that a decent face mask protects you from the copious amounts of dust kicked up by thousands of dancers. They can also provide a bit of warmth in a cold evening and block the sun from torching your face. And face coverings can also have fun designs, like these Galaxy Series Face Masks from Sojourner Bags.

The nine face masks that come in the set are made with microfiber which makes them super comfortable and easy to breathe through. They are also wicked stretchy and the instructions note the many, many configurations you can twist the Galaxy into including a headband, hair tie, and the classic “pirate”.

Here’s Lauren trying out the beanie mode. It was actually quite easy.

The hair tie. Useful at a camping festival.

You can even invent your own styles!

Usually retailing around $50, you can find some on the official website for under $20. The nine-pack is extra good value as you can give them away to your festival family or strangers.

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