[FREE MUSIC] 10 Tracks from Clash Magazine


    Track List

  1. The Hot Rats – Big Sky
  2. We Have Band – Honeytrap
  3. Sunshine Underground – In Your Arms
  4. Hadouken – Turn The Lights Out
  5. Hadouken – Mic Check (L’amour La Morgue Edition)
  6. Noah and the Whale – Blues Skies (YACHT remix)
  7. Paul White – Alien Nature
  8. Grizzly Bear – Cheerleader
  9. Nathan Fake – Narrier
  10. Dananananykroyd – Black Wax

Armed with only a camera and a fanny pack, you never know what festival Coco will end up at next. Our resident festival expert floats from deepwoods hippie jam fests to downtown rock bashes to dive bar showcase festivals.

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