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The Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival not only puts on a great show, they write a terrific blog. Part music news, festival updates, and artist information are just a few of the highlights of Bumbershoot Fresh.

The big score for us readers: they have tons of free downloads. The MFW office usually snags a few MP3s a week. Never heard of the band? There’s a quickie review of each artist’s sound.

Today, we grabbed Soda & Rocks from Champagne Champagne:

Champagne Champagne’s “Soda & Pop Rocks” effortlessly encompasses an old school sound of hip-hop mixed with electronica in a whole new way for ’09. It features quickly flowin’ rhymes through the chorus and skilled backup vocals finishing the lead’s lines like a pair of psychically connected twins. The track sounds familiar, but like nothing else.

Recommended If You Like: Afrika Bambaataa, Gorillaz, A Tribe Called Quest

Click here for more downloads. Enjoy!

[via Bumbershoot Fresh]

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    Hey, thanks! It’s a group effort over here, and we’re really glad someone likes it! Cheers :)

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