Field Day Festival: Dreams Really Do Come True

Have you ever upped and left a country you were traveling as soon as you found out one of your favorite bands in the entire universe was set to play at a festival…another continent away? Well, this year I was indeed that person and I have zero regrets about doing so.

I’ve been keeping a keen eye on Jungle’s tour radar, trying to figure out in vain how I could make it to one of their shows. After concert date after concert date was revealed that I couldn’t make it to, I started to lose hope I’d see them live this year.

That is until I heard the beautiful news that they’d be headlining in their hometown of London at Field Day Festival this year. And it was everything I’d ever dream of. Take a peak at some shots from their set (that I took through happy tears of immense joy) and the rest of what Field Day Festival had to offer this year for festival attendees!

Behold, one of the best bands of our generation: Jungle!

And the rest of Field Day Festival did not disappoint!