The Untz Festival 2020


Browns Valley, CA

Photo Credit: Joseph Runge
The Scene
Adding to the myriad of festivals taking place in California each summer, The Untz Festival brings a weekend of dance music to the Mairposa Fairgrounds. Founded in 2009, Untz has devoted their event to bringing to light some of the best underground electronic artists making an impact on the industry.
Festival Info
Venue: Sycamore Ranch

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Festival Poster
2020 Lineup
  • Charlesthefirst
  • Yheti
  • Kill Bill
  • Cheethos
  • Of the Trees
  • Mr. Bill
  • Kll Smth
  • Chee
  • Digital Ethos
  • Hawk
  • Ternion Sound
  • Truth
  • Khiva
  • Angelic Root
  • Supertask
  • Potions
  • Nastynasty
  • Vctre
  • Spacegeisha
  • Black Carl
  • Integrate