Sideways Festival 2023

June 8-10, 2023

Helsinki, Finland

The Scene
Dive into the center of Helsinki in June to experience Sideways. Nearly 80 acts are presented featuring a lineup of the best national and international acts. This is a cozy boutique festival that should be on every indie rock aficionado's wishlist.
Festival Info
Venue: Helsinki Ice Hall

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2023 Lineup
  • Aavikko
  • Anna Puu
  • Arppa
  • Bad Sauna
  • Fever Ray
  • Huoratron
  • Isaac Sene
  • Knife Girl
  • Lähiöbotox
  • Linda Fredriksson Juniper
  • Lyyti
  • Pehmoaino
  • Plutonium 74
  • Sexmane
  • Sunset Rollercoaster
  • Suzanne Ciani
  • Teksti-TV 666
  • Ursus Factory
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