Roskilde Festival 2022

* June 25-July 2, 2022

Roskilde, Denmark

*Unconfirmed Dates
Photo Credit: Matias Altbach
The Scene
There’s festivals. There’s mega-festivals. And then there’s Roskilde. Started in the early seventies by a pair of high students, today’s Roskilde is the largest festival in Northern Europe. Taking place over a staggering eight days and two weekends, the unstoppable juggurnaut has hosted upwards of 135,000 fans, more than 150 bands, and even boasts 32,000 volunteers. Roskilde proudly remains a non-profit donating millions Danish krona every year to various charities. Oh, and they also have a naked run so have fun in Denmark!
Festival Info
Venue: Roskilde Dyreskueplads

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2022 Lineup

The artists have yet to be announced.

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