Powabunga Tahoe 2020


Crystal Bay, NV

The Scene
'Embracing the vibrant spirit of mountain culture from the Colorado Rocky Mountains to Lake Tahoe’s Sierra Nevada’s, Powabunga provides an immersive alpine festival experience from the slopes to the stage – including access to world-class mountain resorts, apres-ski activities, after-parties, and more.'
Festival Poster
2099 Lineup

  • Beschloo
  • Bob Moses
  • Carlita
  • Chris Cauldron
  • Claptone
  • Desert Hearts
  • Eli & Fur
  • Fleetmac Wood
  • Gavlak
  • Golden
  • Housewife
  • Kazy Lambist
  • Kermesse
  • Lee Reynolds
  • Marbs
  • Mark Farina
  • Mikey Lion
  • Porky
  • Taches
Frequently Asked Questions

‘We are incredibly disappointed to announce that Powabunga Lake Tahoe in Crystal Bay, NV must be postponed. While we monitored this situation over the past few weeks, we continued to work around the clock to create a very special experience, hoping the situation would improve.’ – Powabunga