Plan-It-X Fest 2012

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Plan-It-X Fest 2012 Festival Logo WHERE:Bloomington, IN
WHEN:June 22-24, 2012
TICKETS: *Sold Out*
WEBSITE: Official Website


We want to stress what is already known, that PIX FEST is more than watching a bunch of bands. It’s a chance for the goof punks, nerds, queers, shy kids, anarchists that don’t look like anarchists, weirdos, kids that don’t fit in to the other subcultures, P.C. punks and all the other hoodie punks to get together and make friends and strengthen our community.


  • ADD/C (TN)
  • Anti-sociales (Puerto Rico)
  • Aye nako (NY)
  • Boogdish (TX)
  • Busman’s holiday (IN)
  • Cindy milstein (DC)
  • Defiance ohio (IN)
  • Delay (OH)
  • Dirty fist (FL)
  • Dylan sizemore (IN)
  • Emperor X (FL)
  • Eric ayotte (IN)
  • Erik peterson or Mischief brew (PA)
  • Foozle (DC)
  • Future Virgins (TN)
  • Ghost mice (IN)
  • Good luck (IN)
  • Harry and the potters (MA/RI)
  • High dives (IN)
  • Kimya dawson (WA)
  • Landlord (IN)
  • Mitch the champion (IN)
  • Nana grizol (GA)
  • Onsind (U.K.)
  • Operation: cliff clavin (IL)
  • Paul baribeau (IN)
  • Pheramones (OH)
  • Ramshackle glory (AZ)
  • Rat storm (IN)
  • Rubrics (SC)
  • Small bones (NOLA)
  • Spraynard (PA)
  • Street eaters (CA)
  • Super bobby (MA)
  • Super famicom (IL)
  • The boy who could fly (IN)
  • The max levine ensemble (DC)
  • The wild (GA)
  • Traveling (IN)
  • Un final fatal (Puerto Rico)
  • Vacation (OH)
  • Watercolor Paintings (CA)
  • Waxahatchee (NY)
  • Werewolves (GA)
  • Your heart breaks (WA)
  • Zippers to nowhere (TN)
  • Burning bridges (NH)