Noise Pop 2022

February 21-27, 2022

San Francisco, CA

The Scene
The annual Noise Pop Festival takes place every February across San Francisco. The indie loving showcase fest also dabbles in art and film along with some of the very best in upcoming musical artists. If you're planning a winter-time trip, this is a unique way to experience the bars, clubs, and hipster joints of the city.
Festival Info
Venue: Various Venues

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2022 Lineup
  • Azealia Banks
  • Aleg G
  • Dorian Electra
  • King Woman
  • The Microphones
  • Vanjess
  • Hand Habits
  • Moor Mother
  • Alice Phoebe Lou
  • Nate Smith
  • Kinfolk
  • Hunny
  • Papercuts
  • Man on Man
  • Naked Giants
  • Spiritual Cramp
  • Ragana
Festival Poster