MUTEK Montreal 2022

August 23-28, 2022

Montreal, QC

The Scene
The Montreal-based MUTEK is dedicated to the promotion of electronic music and the digital arts with a focus on discovery, exclusive appearances, and artistic ingenuity. Their unique take on this festival genre has led to editions around the world with each year seeing MUTEK embark on creatively entertaining directions.
Festival Info
Venue: Various Venues

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2022 Lineup
  • Aquarian
  • Azu Tiwaline
  • Bendik Giske
  • Carmen Villain
  • Caterina Barbieri
  • Cora Novoa
  • Dauwd
  • Deena Abdelwahed
  • DJ Plead
  • Edward
  • Efe Ce Ele
  • Gabber Modus Operandi
  • Koreless
  • Liliane Chlela
  • Loraine
  • James
  • machìna
  • Marina Herlop
  • Nicola Cruz
  • Nicolas Bougaïeff
  • Planetary Assault Systems
  • Powder
  • Sissel Wincent
  • Smerz
  • Tarta Relena
Festival Photos
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