Machac 2022

August 19-20, 2022

Doksy, Czech

The Scene
This year it will be two decades that one of the biggest open-air dance festivals in the Czech Republic takes place regularly on Klůček Beach by Máchovo Jezero.
Festival Info
Venue: Pláž Klůček

Tagged With

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the wizard
Paul Kalkbrenner
2022 Lineup
  • Angry Beats
  • Brian
  • David Novacek
  • Denis Weisz
  • Enrico
  • Lukas Innemenn
  • Manene
  • Matamar
  • Mathias O’Zana
  • Richard Reynolds
  • Sedliv
  • SNBM
  • TiGi
  • Tokátko
  • Victor Tellagio
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