Fuji Rock Festival 2021

August 20-22, 2021

Niigata, Japan

The Scene
Over 100,000 fans show up at Naeba Ski Resort for the annual Fuji Rock Festival. The three-day event, the largest outdoor music event in Japan, brings in 200+ artists from around the world and shows them off across seven main stages.
Festival Info
Venue: Naeba Ski Resort

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Festival Poster
2021 Lineup - 20 Artists
  • Radwimps
  • Man with a Mission
  • Summit
  • The Bawdies
  • Kan Sano
  • Kid Fresino
  • Little Creatures
  • Kotori
  • King Gnu
  • Cornelius
  • The Birthday
  • Green Massive
  • The Ska Flames
  • The Alexx
  • 4s4ki
  • Awesome City Club
  • Begin
  • The Blue Herb
  • Stuts
  • Tendre
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