Campout for the Cause 2020


Buena Vista, CO

The Scene
'The tradition of Campout has always been founded in connection, conversation, passion, sport, music and feeling more inspired upon exit than arrival. Come for music, conversation, yoga, bonfire connections, create family or just to take your shoes of and run in the grass.'
Festival Poster
2020 Lineup
  • The California Honeydrops
  • Drew Emmitt
  • Lindsay Lou
  • Daniel Rodriguez
  • Rapidgrass
  • Grant Farm
  • Tierro Band
  • Mama Magnolia
  • Bonfire Dub
  • We Dream Dawn
  • Winterwonderwomen
  • The Sea Stars
  • Pickin’ on the Dead
  • Wood Belly
  • Boot Gun
  • Whippoorwill
  • Jackie and the Racket
  • Tiffany Christopher
  • High Country Hustle
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