by:Larm 2022

September 15-17, 2022

Oslo, Norway

The Scene
by:Larm Festival asks: What kind of music nerd are you? This sets the tone for a weekend of musical discovery in Oslo, Norway. by:Larm combines an industry conference with a showcase music festival that takes place around the Norwegian capital. The focus of the fest remains on presenting artists that are on the verge of success mixed with daytime seminars, lectures, and debates.
Festival Info
Venue: Various Venues

Tagged With

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2022 Lineup
  • Ævestaden
  • Annweiler
  • Astronomies
  • Axel Olsen
  • aya
  • Beharie
  • Bo Milli
  • Brimheim
  • Calby
  • Diskopunk
  • Dorothea Økland
  • Drongo
  • eee gee
  • Faux Real
  • Gæste Gutter
  • Girl Scout
  • Hammok
  • Han Herman
  • Honeyglaze
  • Ira Nor
  • Jonas Benyoub
  • Julia Greni
  • Katarina Barruk
  • Lille Pablo
  • Loverboy
  • Lune
  • Maggie
  • Makosir
  • Michelle Ullestad
  • MIMI
  • Molly Hammar
  • Naima Bock
  • Of All Things
  • Ole Kirkeng
  • Raghd
  • Sei Selina
  • Selma French
  • Synne Vo
  • Teodor Wolgers
  • Utflod
  • Vegyn
  • YEMZ
  • Yndling
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