Big Dub Festival 2019

July 24-28, 2019

Artemas, PA

Photo Credit: Big Dub Hero
The Scene
'Big Dub is much more than just a music festival; Big Dub is an interactive community that strives towards strengthening not only interpersonal bonds but also giving people the tools to achieve balance and wholeness in their everyday lives. Big Dub relies heavily on the vibes & nature of its community embracing core values like radical self-expression, gifting, and participation.'
Festival Info
Venue: Four Quarters Farm

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Festival Poster
2019 Lineup
  • BTSM
  • Boogie T
  • Caspa
  • Cookie Monsta
  • Charles the First
  • G-Rex
  • Marvel Years
  • Of the Trees
  • Psymbionic
  • Thriftworks
  • Zeke Beats
  • Truth
  • Gladkill
  • Liondub
  • Hesh
  • Squinto
  • Subtronics