Festivals This Weekend: Coachella, Wanee, Old Settlers, Vanderbilt

Public Enemy performs this weekend at Rites of Spring in Nashville

It’s going to be a busy weekend as spring bursts across the country. Strap on your dancing shoes and lets hit some festivals.

Coachella Music Festival
What can you say about Coachella? It’s one of the most well known and attended festivals in the world. For those of you about to rock in California, we salute you.

Wanee Festival
On the opposite end of the continent, Wanee will shake the southern Florida swamps with artists like The Allman Brothers Band, Widespread Panic, Robert Plant, and The Steve Miller Band.

Old Settler’s Music Festival
And right in the middle (well, southern middle) Old Settler’s Music Fest will feature acoustic jazz & blues, bluegrass, old-time local faves & award-winning artists from around the world. This three day Americana fest takes place in Austin, Texas — like they don’t already have enough kick ass music festivals.

Vanderbilt’s Rites of Spring
Back in the seventies, the faculty of Vanderbilt though throwing a concert would help students interact with the local community. Decades later, the tradition continues with Public Enemy, Matt & Kim, Kid Cudi, and The National.

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