Festival of the Year: Final Week Rundown

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This week, the mighty Milwaukee Summerfest upsets the All Good Music Festival for the number one spot. Firefly makes a run at the top of the debut festival category. Electric Forest loses ground, but still looks unbeatable and the Quebec City Summer Festival jumps into the Canadian top three. Get your vote on! There’s still seven days left before a winner is crowned.

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The Festival of the Year voting period has been extended to Monday! Last week, the hamster that powers this website finally gave up the ghost forcing us to scramble for a replacement and causing MFW to run about as fast as molasses. We’re back online and faster than ever, but we’re going to let this contest run through the end of Monday to give all you fans a full chance to vote.

Category #1: Festival of the Year 2012

  1. SUMMERFEST (30%)
  2. ALL GOOD (29%)
  3. COACHELLA (7%)
  4. BONNAROO (4%)
  5. SUMMER CAMP (4%)

Category #2: Best Debut Festival 2012 

  2. FIREFLY (20%)
  3. SUMMER SET (17%)

Category #3: Best EDM Festival 2012

Category #4: Best Canadian Festival 2012

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