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Kazantip 2014

July 31- August 14, 2014

Popovka, Ukraine

The Scene
The Kazantip Republic has had its own small area separated from the entire world. There are all the things its citiZens need for life – bars, restaurants, www, first-aid posts, comfort stations, visa application center, customhouse, and above all - dancehalls and stages. Orange became the national color of the Republic, sunglasses, shorts and I-shirts turned to the national clothes and an old-fashioned yellow suitcase got to be the main national symbol granting visa-free entry. As such, a viZa regime has been finally introduced. The Utopian Kazantip Republic has always lived under a variety of dreamy slogans like “THE BEST LAND EVER" “YOU WERE JUST DREAMING AND YOU STILL ARE” “NEXT ONES TO BE HELD ON MARS” Last year The Kazantip Republic had admitted that all its citiZens are completely insane and proclaimed itself a lunatic asylum. And you know what? It’s not too far from the truth.
2014 Lineup
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