Festival Flashback: FloydFest, Tomorrowland, Catalpa, Newport Folk

There’s too many music festivals in the world for us to hit up and every Monday our Facebook feed is filled with photos from all the awesome fests that we missed. In our newest column, Festival Flashback, we’ll picking out the memorable photos that highlight the best of the weekend…and make us jealous we missed the show. In each case, click on the photo to see even more pictures on official sites.

FloydFest 2012

Campground workout. Photo Credit: Chelsa Yoder/FloydFest Facebook

Catalpa 2012

Girl Talk lighting it up. Photo Credit: Catalpa Facebook

Tomorrowland 2012

Making everybody smile. Photo Credit: Tomorrowland Facebook

Newport Folk Fest

Wilco goes angelic. Photo Credit: Newport Folk Fest Facebook

Born during a sweaty, backstage, Bonnaroo downpour, the editor-in-chief's mission in life is to dance, write, and travel to every great festival that this wide world has to offer. While his identity remains a mystery, you may have already met him, probably when he helped himself to your party favors.

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