Festival Fashion: 5 Tips For Rainy Day Festivals

Mom Jeans

Photo Credit: Rachel Ecclestone Photography – instagram.com/recclestone

Hot summer weather may allow us festies to wear nothing but knitted tops and high waisted shorts, but unfortunately, we’re not always that lucky. Summer brings an entirely new meaning to the term “wet and wild” with chances of rain and thunderstorms whose severity is unpredictable until the day of the festival. But lucky for you, we’ve made a list of tips and fashion picks to rock this summer, so that there’s no way the clouds can rain on your rave parade.

There’s something to be said about mom jeans: When they say mother knows best, they mean it. Mom jeans (from any second-hand shop), when cut and ripped properly, provide an easy and cheap fix to those rainy day blues while keeping you warm. Pair these pants with an oversized flannel tied around the waist, and a crop top from your favorite performer and just like that, you’re ready to rave!

From bottom to top: If denim and rain just don’t mix for you, don’t worry. Jumpsuits are a great solution that combine comfortability, uniqueness, and style in one outfit. Be sure to buy natural/ breathable fabrics – this keeps drying time after coming in from the rain to a minimum. Think about pairing a simple jumpsuit with some chunky jewelry and just like that, you’re festival ready.

Braids and fades: Whether you prefer your hair long or short, there’s a hairstyle to keep the party going, even when it rains. For longer hair, dutch, waterfall or french braids are all go-to easy hairstyles that only look better with wear. But if you’re looking for a shorter hairstyle to keep the party in motion, a fade is definitely the way to go. The “fade” is an easy solution to any texture, color, or style issues that might be had during rainy festival days.

Don’t get drenched, get trenched: It’s easy to get lost in a crowd of bold colors and big coats. Make yourself stand out by adding cool features to your jacket or raincoat. Sew patches to the back of your jacket. If sewing isn’t your thing don’t worry! Ragged, rough, and ridiculous hand-done stitches are an up and coming trend (good timing). No cool patches? Take cool patterns from old clothes, and sew them along existing seams. Not only will you stand out, but you’ll stay warm and dry in the process.

Wake up with no makeup: Rain and makeup are not friends. As frustrating as this is, we get that there are some things people can’t go without. But going into the second day of festivaling with clumpy, runny eyelashes is something that we can all leave behind at the campsite (please). Ditch your mascara for the weekend, and invest in some false eyelashes. Not only will one cheap pair from any drugstore look great, but you can rave in the rain without looking like you just cried from all of the excitement.  The best part? With the right glue you can save these bad boys for next time.

Writing about the world of festival fashion on a college budget, this music festival junkie is full of tips and tricks when it comes to DIY clothing (mostly because she’s too cheap to buy in retail). This dumpster diver is all about finding new ways to spice old things!