Festival Briefs: The War on Raves, Lolla Goes to Paris, Bonanza Campout, Variety Bazaar


The War on Raves: Mexico Edition
Events have been unfolding quickly from the fallout of the shooting that took place during The BPM Festival’s closing party in Mexico. The five deaths are now being linked to cartel violence, and there’s been reports of handmade signs calling out the festival’s founder. The mayor of Playa Del Carmen announced that BPM is no longer welcome and will be banning all future electronic festivals because why not music, instead of rampant corruption and cartels. Expect Mexico’s quiet growth as the next big festival hotspot to come to a halt.

Glastonbury Festival Presents The Variety Bazaar 
Is Glastonbury changing their name? That was the hot topic this week when the founder of the iconic festival, casually dropped the bombshell on a local radio station that Glasto would be called “The Variety Bazaar” in 2019. His daughter later clarified on Twitter that this would be a brand new event.

The Party is Over for EDC UK
The Electric Daisy Carnival in the United Kingdom unexpectedly cancelled this year’s event. This follows the recently departed New York City edition. Tokyo, India, and Las Vegas, are still scheduled to go on.

Bonjour Paris! Lollapalooza France Drops Epic Lineup
Even as EDC leaves Europe, another major festival is stepping in. After the success of Lollaplooza Germany (the #1 2016 Europe festival on this website), Lolla announced a Paris edition along with a huge lineup that features the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lana Del Rey, and The Weeknd.

Festival of the Week
We love when a debut festival comes back for a sequel and this week marked the return of the Bonanza Campout. The Utah festival released an initial lineup with ODESZA, Ms. Lauryn Hill, and Nas, bringing a welcome dose of electronic and hip-hop to the state, along with some stunning camping.

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