Festival Briefs: War on Raves, C+C Music Factory, New NYC Festivals, Secret Garden Party


Hard Day of the Dead

The War on Raves: Los Angeles continues to let raves knows that they aren’t welcome. Pomono police crack down on Hard Day of the Dead in Southern California with 310 arrests. San Bernadino authorities only pull in a measly 180 arrests at Escape: Psycho Circus.

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm: This company is offering a travel package that includes a private plane from Vietnam to the Melbourne Bureau Festival to see The Temptations, Charles Bradley, and yes, C+C Music Factory. It only costs $37,500.

The Battle for New York: Long known for having a sparse music festival scene, New York City is seeing an influx of newcomers. Last month, AEG started exploring an East Coast version of Coachella and now Madison Square Garden has applied for a festival permit.

The Gardeners Guide To the Galaxy: We’re having fun this morning with the Matrix-y new website from Secret Garden Party which redirects you to the mainstream V Festival if you fail the entrance exam.

Voodoo Experience Misses Final Day: Organizers canceled the Sunday event “due to dangerous weather conditions including forecasted persistent rain and flash flood warnings.”

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