Festival Briefs: The Bubble Bursts, Drug Talk, Let’s Go To Spain, Firefly, Sweetwater, The Peach

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The Festival Bubble Bursts…Again
Hey, I get it. Articles about the demise of music festivals provide that sweet, sweet, click bait that we need to survive. We’ve been covering the festival scene for the last ten years, and hear this argument about the festival bubble bursting every pre-season. Philip Corsores from Uproxx makes some valid points about the AEG/Live Nation homogenization of the United States mega-festival scene, but we also think too much ink is spilled over the “headliners” of Coachella, Bonnaroo, and the other majors. As long as they put on a great experience, the fans will continue to turn up. And if the US festival season is feeling a bit lackluster this year, maybe it’s time for that trip to Europe?

Let’s Talk About Drugs
Rainbow Serpent, one of the largest transformational festivals in Australia, released a refreshingly honest statement about drug use at their upcoming festival noting that “while we wait for our government and law enforcement to acknowledge evidence based strategies that are working so well overseas such as pill testing…it’s up to us (and yourselves) to try and keep those that choose to take a drug safe.” They then provide some well documented harm reduction tips for fans to follow.

Go To Spain! Music Festival Preview 2018
Spain has a packed calendar of events for the summer, with Primavera Sound and Mad Cool Festival assembling some of the best lineups in the world over the last couple years. See our top 10 favorites of the Spanish summer right here.

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