Festival Briefs: Terrifying Infomericals, Movie Music Festivals, Pickathon Interview, and Lots of Trash!

big day out 2013

Here’s your rundown for Friday music festival news around the web. Get out there and rock this weekend.

As long as it keeps Paris Hilton off the music festival circuit, we’re happy. Sorry, Ibiza. (link)

A recap of the Crossroads Guitar Festival will play a special one day showing in movie theaters across the country. Here’s the last time I heard Clapton in a theater. (link)

Music festival fans love to steal music right after seeing the show. (link)

Also, music festivals are trashing the environment. (link)

If two Juggalo fake newsman jumping high five each other isn’t the best thing I’ve seen all week, I will down a case of Faygo right now. (link)

New festival alert! Coastline launches this November in Florida. (link)

Check out an interview with the organizer of Pickathon, one of the best DIY boutique fests out there. (link)

Big Day Out has a tour schedule out right now. Lineup drops at the end of this month. (link)

In more Australia news, The Falls Music & Arts Festival adds a third location and dates at Byron Bay. (link)



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