Festival Briefs: Tenacious D Fest, Coachella Deconstruction, Play Some FREEBIRD

freebird knuckles

Lynyrd Skynyrd will headline Welcome To Rockville in Florida.

Festival Supreme. Jack Black wants to hold a comedy rock festival in Las Vegas this October.

It’s been a good week for hip-hop at music festivals — we got lineups for Paid Dues and The Roots Picnic.

Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club, and 18 more join Rock Werchter.

Have music festivals peaked in the United States ?

Download unveils a shiny new website. Now with 100% more scary Slipknot photos.

I so want to see Lynyrd Skynyrd…even if means I have to go to Jacksonville.

Speaking of Florida, I so want to go to Miami and see Ultra. Both weekends.

Oh did you hear? Intimate DIY festival Coachella releases modest lineup.

Better put in for vacation time in July — Camp Bisco has released dates.

Snoop Dogg, Bangkok, and music festivals feel like such a natural fit.

Animal lineup! Black Crowes, Modest Mouse, and Gov’t Mule.


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