Festival Briefs: SnowGlobe 2014 Lineup, Police Interrogations, Passion Pit Letters, Invite-Only Festivals

We’re wrapping another busy Friday here at Music Festival Wizard. Here’s five stories to check out as you head into the weekend.

1. Must-Read: The Festival Lawyer explains what to do if the police try to stop you at a music festival.  [via Showbams]

riot police

Tip #1: Don’t run from the police.

2. Rich millionaires are now throwing their own private music festivals. You are definitely not invited. [via Wall Street Journal]

Scrooge McDuck

3. The #BARTstrike in San Francisco is a headache if you’re traveling to Treasure Island. The fest has some alternates for you. [via Treasure Island Festival]


Image Credit: Dave Delisle (davesgeekyideas.com)

4. Passion Pit writes an open letter why bands cancel shows. Then writes another open letter explaining that they didn’t mean to sound like condescending pricks.


5. The SnowGlobe Music Festival has a shiny new poster with a shiny new lineup. Lakeside Lounge here we come. [via Snowglobe]


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