Festival Briefs: Pitchfork Adds, Kaleidoscope Over, Tomorrowland Movie, #PassionPitProblems

Kaleidoscope is One and Done

The debut Kaleidoscope Music Festival won’t be back because residents can’t handle the noise. The Lane County Parks Department cancelled its three year contract because of 30 complaints from the locals. They couldn’t work out a compromise? C’mon!

Why would anyone want to shut down something that looks this awesome? Photo Credit: Kaleidoscope FB

Why would anyone want to shut down something that looks this awesome? Photo Credit: Kaleidoscope FB

The Festival Guy on Instagram

TFG just returned from his annual mecca to the desert. If you want to see a great stream of photos, follow him over here.

Follow the adventure @ instagram.com/TheFestivalGuy

Follow the adventure @ instagram.com/TheFestivalGuy

More Additions to Pitchfork Paris!

Danny Brown, Darkside, Sky Ferreira, Pegase, and Petit Fantôme have all joined the Pitchfork Paris lineup. There’s also a daily schedule that has just been released.

pitchfork 2013 paris

The Tomorrowland Official 2013 Aftermovie

If you’re curious about the legendary Belgium EDM festival, then take a gander below at the 30+ minute recap of some of the most amazing stages ever created.

Passion Pit: “EDM has made festivals much more difficult for bands”

Earlier this summer, Michael Angelakos from Passion Pit, while speaking to FasterLouder.com, mused on the changing music festival scene with the rise of EDM. The gods of electronic music have responded by sending a massive storm to destroy the band’s equipment, forcing them to perform “DJ sets” for their next few shows.


Guess Who’s Not Playing Russia Next Summer?

This week, two members of the Bloodhound Gang have been named as suspects in criminal charges for putting their balls on the Russian flag. Yeah, I know — Bloodhound Gang is still touring? Last month in the Ukraine, “Evil” Jared Hasselhoff stuffed a Russian flag down his pants which led to a ban at the Kubana Music Festival. Now the Russian FBI wants to bring full charges against them.

bloodhound gang

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