Festival Briefs: Middlelands Teaser, Linkin Park In Europe, Sweet Dreams, Smart Kids, ACL From Above

Middlelands Festival Builds a Fake Castle
The all new Middlelands Festival in Texas has spent a lot of time working on some pretty graphics. This week they’re showing off the fictional festival grounds with some budget graphics from the Game of Thrones opening credits.

Linkin Park To Invade Europe This Summer

While widely mocked in the United States, nu-metal has remained wildly popular in Europe. This summer’s rap-rocker headliner of choice, Linkin Park, has already been tapped for Volt Festival, Nova Rock, Southside, Hurricane, and Download France. Take it away, Romanian X-Factor contestant, Constantin Volschi!

Secret Garden Party is Having Sweet Dreams

Every year, the Secret Garden Party in the UK chooses a theme and for their fifteenth year, they are going with “Sweet Dreams.” We don’t know how to dress for it, but SGP helpfully describes it as the biggest “VIP LOL-off you’ve ever seen.”

Austin City Limits From Above

Some dude jumped into a Cessna 172 and did some pretty aerial photography over ACL Fest 2016 through the tiny window.

Cute Kid Goes Country on Ellen
The Country Stampede get some real star power when professional little kid and Ellen Show prop, Macey Hensley, showed up to cover the festival. Hijinks ensue. 


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