Festival Briefs: Lollapalooza Gets A Passing Grade, Outside Lands is For Dinner, Milwaukee Hates Paris Hilton


We’re still catching our breath this week — and it’s not just from the fact we went from sea level to the mountains of Idaho for the annual Treefort Fest — there’s been an onslaught of festival news. Let’s take a look at some highlights:

Mega-festival Lollapalooza dominated the headlines when they released their typically packed lineup headed by Paul McCartney and Metallica. It was met with the usual cheers and jeers but our prize for most random mainstream article is NBC giving the lineup a “C” from some inane unofficial survey. Hopefully, this won’t affect ticket sales.

Lollapalooza 2015 Lineup Poster

Best lineup announcement this week and maybe of all time is from Outside Lands with this old school video.

Summerfest may be the “Largest Music Festival in the World” with an annual attendance of 900,000, but despite releasing 90+ headliners this week, the focus online is on one single artist and the petition to remove her from the lineup. Petitions are great because they mean we get to read insightful comments like…
“paris hilton is a filthy dog who couldnt mix a cake mix”
“Can we change this to making it so she can’t ever come to Milwaukee in general?”
“I don’t want her spreading whatever diseases she has here”


Osheaga Festival out of Montreal released this pretty poster with a pretty lineup this week.
Osheaga 2015 Poster

Dance all day. Party all night. What The Festival, the Northwestern mecca festival, released their full lineup.

What the Festival 2015 Poster

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