Festival Briefs: Lolla Afterparties, Bonnaroo Webcast, My Morning Jacket Festival, Rock For Oklahoma

Keep practicing your hula hooping — the video above has almost two million views. (link)

Attention couch potatoes: Bonnaroo has released their live web streaming schedule for this weekend. (link)

More than 15 music festivals happening around the world in the next few days. Plan your attack here. (MFW link)

The winner of best music festival promo video of 2013 is right here. (MFW link)

My Morning Jacket is the latest band to get into the private cruise festival business. Except there’s no ship. (link)

If you don’t enough of Lollapalooza during a twelve hour day, here are the official afterparties. (link)

Sasquatch! goes two weekends next year. Which festival will be first to go three? (MFW link)

Flaming Lips, Kings of Leon, Jackson Browne, and Built to Spill will perform a benefit show for tornado victims. (link)

Hey, lets book a bunch of music festivals and then cancel because we want to work on our next album. You’re killing me, Modest Mouse! (link)

Hard Rock Calling adds Lower Than Atlantis, Jack Savoretti and Passenger along with the official festival app. (link)

Here’s another useless poll that proves what? People like doing drugs and having sex with strangers at music festivals? I could have saved you some time. (link)

60,000 fans sing along to Bohemian Rhapsody at a Green Day concert. Party on, Wayne. (video)

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