Festival Briefs: Gate Crashers, Angry Locals, Festival Trains, and Ultra Music Festival


Perth Festival Overrun by Gate Crashers
Here’s some footage from the Listen Out Festival in Perth where festies swarmed through the fence. Out of the 200 festival crashers, four were arrested for physical assault of a police officer — including one incident of biting.

All Aboard! Live Oak May Get a Train Stop
The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park venue in northern Florida is home to eight mid-sized festivals each year (well, maybe seven now), and fans may soon get to the chance to arrive by rail. The town of Live Oak is pitching Amtrak to make the city an active stop. Financially it makes sense, as it only costs $5.48 million a year to make…hold on, am I reading that right? $5.48 million to stop a train for five minutes? Every year? We won’t hold our breath.

Photo Credit: AURA Music Fest

Photo Credit: AURA Music Fest

Ultra Has a “Master Plan”
Ultra Music Festival will continue its trek to worldwide saturation following the lastest editions held in Tokyo and Hong Kong. “We’ve always had a master plan,” co-founder Russell Faibisch told the South China Morning Post and organizers have announced “major additional expansion plans” for next year.

Dude, Where’s My Joshua Tree
Joshua Tree in California, long known as a peaceful haven for hippies and freethinkers, has been transformed this year into a music festival destination. The latest show, Desert Daze, features a stacked lineup of 80 performances, including Primus and a keynote address by Andrew W.K. It’s all being put on by The Institute of Mentalphysics and the locals are becoming pissed that their quiet retreat may become the next Coachella.



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