Festival Briefs: Miami Beach Pop, Instruments Made Out of Ice, Albania Gets a Festival, and Lineup News!


Miami Getting a New Mega-Festival?

 Start up the rumor mill. Florida’s largest city might be picking up another huge festival. The Miami Herald is reporting on a possible inaugural fest dubbed the “Miami Beach Pop Festival” which would happen from December 14-16, 2018. Some residents, like this writer from the Miami New Times, have some reservations about using Miami Beach as a venue:

“On any given Sunday, it’s a debauched mess where music is blasting at concert-level decibels, glass bottles and condom wrappers litter the sand, fights break out at any moment, and the ocean is a toilet for those who can’t handle the combination of liquor and sunshine. Three days of a festival on that site would only magnify those issues by a factor of 300.”

Let’s Go To Albania!

Isolated from the rest of Europe for decades, tiny Albania has been slowly opening up to the world revealing some incredible mountains, lakes, and lots of beaches. Their new international festival, Kala, will kick off this summer from June 20-27, 2018 — your chance to see a country before it’s overrun with tourists.

Ice Bass, Ice Percussion, Ice Trumpet

This week in WTF festivals, we’re loving the Ice Music Festival in Norway. “Constructed and formed exclusively from naturally harvested ice and snow, the Festival is a tribute to art, the environment and one’s of the world’s most vital resources – water. Frozen water.” In other words, they play instruments made of out ice.

Latest Festival News 

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