Festival Briefs Friday: 15 Brand New Posters From Rock Werchter, Boomtown, Fuji Rock, Mountain Jam, and More


You may be day-dreaming about the halcyon days of summer past, but here at Music Festival Wizard, we’re happily being bombarded with a mid-winter onslaught of festival announcements. We’ve pulled together 15 of our favorites that came across the wire over the last few days so scroll down to enjoy!

The Best of the Best
You can’t attach a numerical rating to a festival experience, but we went ahead and did it anyway. This week, we’re officially rolling out “The Top Music Festivals” from around the world. This evolving tally measures the number of visits to each festival guide, and then spits it out in ranked form. We’ll be updating these numbers on the 1st and the 15th of the month.

Top 100 Festivals in the United States
Top 100 Festivals in the United Kingdom
Top 100 Festivals in Europe

2020 is Coming
I always assumed that next year would look like Reign of Fire (set in 2020), in which Earth is devastated by dragons and our only hope is an ax-wielding Matthew McConaughey. That could still happen, but for now we’ll keep plugging away at new festival guides for a new decade. Our first confirmed dates and first 2020 festival guide for Groove Cruise has been posted.

New Lineup Posters This Week

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