Festival Briefs: Free Tickets To Summerfest, MTV’s Terrible Idea, Glastonbury Apps

Summerfest Banner Logo

Go watch baseball tonight, get free tickets to Summerfest. Go Brewers! (link)

Is it really a festival if it’s only online? MTV seems to think so. (link)

An all new edition of The MFW 50 has been released. (MFW link)

There’s still time to win tickets in this FloydFest contest. (link)

Heineken gets dumped as the official beer partner of Pitchfork for Goose Island. (link)

We love music festivals posters. We’re guessing you do to0. (MFW link)

We love festival maps as much as posters. Here’s one from Download. (link)

The official Glastobury app is ready. Now you can spend the weekend squinting at your smartphone. (link)

Mountain Oasis has released a daily schedule. Nine Inch Nails on Saturday night! (link)


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