Festival Briefs: Fact vs Fiction Edition


Who would have guessed that the Internet would someday be used to spread misinformation? Today, Festival Briefs is out mythbusting some of this week’s stories and headlines.

Oxegen returns after being cancelled in 2014!

Oxegen 2015 Fake Poster

Status: Fiction
Sorry, you and 7,000 others have just been trolled by some asshat who created a Facebook page.

An electronic music museum is being created!

Modern Electronic Museum

Status: Fact
Winning the award for best fifth grade field trip ever, The Museum of Modern Electronic Music has a planned opening for 2017 in Frankfurt.

FYF Fest releases an all female lineup!

Status: Fiction
Unfortunately, this is a fake poster created by the LA Weekly to highlight that there are indeed dozens of female-centric acts that can anchor a festival.

Music fests add 1 billion dollars to UK economy!


Status: Fact
Despite its comically huge number, that’s the price tag that the Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) came up with in their 44 page research report over the last five years (2010-2014).

Live Nation Just Bought Bonnaroo!

Status: Fact
It’s been years since Bonnaroo embraced its startup indie vibe, so it shouldn’t come as a shock that Live Nation picked up a controlling interest in the festival.

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