Festival Briefs: Beautiful Hookers, Onion’s Best Fests, Live Stream Alerts, MFW 50 June


You can shut down Aerosmith and Joan Jett, but you can’t stop the cancelled Backyard Fest from claiming the number one spot in the MFW 50. (link)

“Sprawling, spread out, like a beautiful hooker with her legs wide open,” is how Grace Potter describes Grand Point North in Rolling Stone. (link)

Fortune and CNN discuss how music festivals make money. The answer is charging $4 bucks a bottle for water. (link)

Couch potato alert. DailyMotion picks up over a dozen live streams of music festivals from around Europe. (link)

The best festivals of the summer as rated by The Onion. Hilarity ensues. (link)

Do you really need to watch European girls gyrating to techno music? Ultra Europe says yes. (link)

Remember that dude from that thing who camped next to those other fun dudes at Bonnaroo? Now you can track them down Facebook stalker style. (MFW link)

The music festival epidemic rapidly infecting Russia. (link)

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  • July 9, 2013


    Thanks for the great links! I enjoy the festival streams. We can’t be everywhere all the time, so it’s nice to be able to peek in around the world. I follow streaming concerts at my website, The Stream Lab, and Irocke has a huge schedule of streams, too. cheers! :-)

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