Festival Briefs: Amazon+Coachella, Bassnectar’s New Festival, Beale Street Lineup, Pukkelpop Headliners, and More!

Photo Credit: Mike Ivankay

Photo Credit: Mike Ivankay for Coachella

Amazon Lockers Coming to Coachella 
Offering advance and same-day delivery, Amazon Lockers will be on hand at this year’s Coachella to deliver all your festival fever dream induced impulse purchases like a 2 month supply of Emergen-C or an oversized sperm costume or a decorative Chia Pet of Dustin from Stranger Things . You can mock this unholy corporate synergy as much as you want, but as someone who’s effectively homeless for half the year, the idea that I could get some dope ass wizard robes delivered to me onsite is pure gold.

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