Fans React to Ultra Music Festival 2013 Double Weekends


The Ultra Music Festival dropped a bombshell on Monday when they announced that Ultra would be two weekends in 2013 (March 15-17 and March 22-24). As expected, fans had some rather strong opinions about the decision. We grabbed a sampler from the Ultra Facebook page which you can read below. In the Negative Nellie camp, tirades focused on festival greed and fans that already made travel arrangements. The good vibes side pointed out that more Ultra (and more music) is better for everyone.

Lest you think that going double like Coachella is a no-brainer (like we do), Adam Russakoff, the executive producer of Ultra, had a different point of view in this in-depth Huffington Post article:

Just because [Coachella] was successful doesn’t mean anyone else will be. I think where we get our confidence from is that Ultra’s growth is very slow and steady. In no way are we overconfident that this will be successful, though we are sure hopeful.

And now on to some fan comments…

Aly Kincaid If they cared about making pointless decisions or making people mad they wouldn’t have done this. This was a terrible idea ultra is just being greedy.

Chris French Ummm you people are idiots. Coachella is two weekends and it’s the same lineup both weekends. It’s what ultra is going to do to. Morons stop bitching.

Amanda Trujillo There’s nothing to complain about… Come on two weekends with house music dubstep best djs from all over the world getting fucked up what’s wrong with you people? Shut the hell up and enjoy either the first one the second one or the two weekend

Neil Jacildo #dumb

Tiffany Morton This was an epic fail! Wtf are yall thinking? What about the people that have already taken off of work because you announced dates months ago and the people that have already bought plane and hotel reservations!?!

Sasha Perard it’s gonna be awesome, people need to stop complaining. not much you can do about it anyways. so stop spreading negativity about how it’s unfair that you don’t know who’s playing what weekend, and you wanna see your fav dj and blablabla…see someone new!

Justin Fuoco Errrbody stop bitching and whining… I for one am STOKKKEDDD! … buzz killers.

ABraham Torres Typical America always wanting more and more and more and more and more! Boo. ONE 3day sold out festival after 1 full week of parties was good, unique and enough. This is ridiculous.

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