Fact vs. Fiction: Osheaga 2012 Lineup Rumors

The Montreal based Osheaga Festival 2012 lineup has been gathering quite a bit of buzz over the last few weeks on Music Festival Wizard, so we’re diving into the dregs of the Internet to try and make some sense of the rumors floating around. Osheaga is one of the most popular festivals in Canada and takes place August 3-5, 2012.


The Osheaga 2012 Lineup Was Released in Early March
The lineup announcement from last week is false. See the fake the lineup poster below. The prank was debunked on the official Osheaga Twitter account which stated:

Thanks for the fake line up! It got people talking! ;-) Real line up coming soon!

Hello. I am a fake Osheaga 2012 lineup.

Radiohead is Headlining
This name has been getting tossed around — mostly because Radiohead has a gigantic gap in their 2012 tour during August. This rumor could have some legs, but Lollaplooza in Chicago is also happening this weekend. Perhaps we’ll see Radiohead at both?

Jack White, Florence+the Machine, The Kooks
Again, more rumors but they do have some substance for a potential stop at Osheaga. All of these artists are on tour, hitting the festival circuit fairly hard, and have nothing happening that weekend.


We’ve only got one so far: Young the Giant has been confirmed after the band announced at a show that they were Osheaga bound. For the most current lineup, see our guide to Osheaga Festival 2012 right here.

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