Elton John Headlining Morocco’s Biggest Festival This Weekend

It’s not many music festivals that get their blessing from a king, but Mohammed VI does just that on the Mawazine Festival website. The city of Rabat will play host to the largest party in the kingdom from May 21st to May 29th. Artists are from all over the world; some of the more well known ones playing on the international stage include Elton John, Sting, Santana, Theivery Corporation, and BB King.

Speaking of The Rocketman, there’s been plenty of controversery from religious hardcores who take issue with a openly gay man playing the festival. They also don’t like the drinking, drugs, music, and anything resembling fun. Like this country, conservatives claim that need to shield the young from all this immoral behavior. Maybe they should take a field trip to Bonnaroo…

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