Electric Daisy Puerto Rico Changes Dates

Photo credit: ElectricDaisyCarnival.com

Insomniac, the folks behind the Electric Daisy Carnival, have changed the date for the Puerto Rico edition of the beloved electronic fest. The new date will be September 15, 2012. Mark your calendars accordingly.

Turns out the government of PR just announced that there would be a political event on the original date in August which conflicted with EDC. Mainly, EDC wouldn’t be able to sell alcohol. Noooooooo!

From Insomniac:

The first phase of a local Referendum for Statehood is being held in Puerto Rico this summer, which results in the territory being “dry” or alcohol-free on the original August date we had chosen.

The government has just announced this event and these dates during which neither alcohol may be sold nor other festivities may take place, and we have no choice but to move our festival.

No word yet on a venue, tickets, or a lineup but we’ll keep you posted.

via Electric Daisy Carnival

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