Dutch Government Supports Live Events With €300m Covid Cancellation Fund
By / January 26, 2021

Photo Credit: Tomorrowland
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For the battered live events industry in the Netherlands, hope is coming this summer in the form of a government program that will financially back events if they are forced to cancel. The new €300m cancellation fund is similar to other programs currently being offered in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

The cancellation fund is currently being offered to events with a 3000+ capacity and taking place after July 1, 2020. Shortly after the announcement, Armin Van Buuren’s State of Trance announced dates for September 2021. The Dutch festival season, one of the most active in the world, runs 12 months a year so we are expecting to see most pre-July events like Best Kept Secret and Parkpop pushed to the back half of 2o21.

In even more promising news, the Dutch government has confirmed permits for a series of “Back to Live” shows that are scheduled for February. Planned events include a concert, dance event, and two-open air festivals with the goal of learning how to safely hold large-capacity events.

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