Culture Collide 2013 Shows Off Second Lineup Poster!

Culture Collide Second Round

Filter Magazine has added even more names to their Culture Collide Festival (October 9-12, 2013) taking place in Los Angeles this fall. Rhye, Miami Horror, The Secret Shrine, and F*ck Buttons are just a few of the new additions to the Echo Park show. See the current rundown below.

Wristbands are still priced at an unbelievable steal of $30 which also includes admission into a mini-conference chock full of music industry specific panels. That price will not, however, get into you to see Phoenix or Dinosaur Jr. — those will be separately ticketed shows.

Here is the latest lineup:
Phoenix (France)*
Dinosaur Jr (US)*
Liars (US)
King Khan & The Shrines (Canada, Germany)
The Raveonettes (Denmark)
Miami Horror (AU)
Rhye (US, Denmark, Canada)
Iceage (Denmark)
The Men (US)
Rob Crow (Acoustic, US), Medicine (US)
Alice Russell (UK)
F*ck Buttons (UK)
No Joy (Canada)
Keaton Henson (UK)
Plastic Plates (Australia)
Mumiy Troll (Russia)
Prāta Vētra (Latvia)
Vadoinmessico (UK)
The Great Wilderness (Costa Rica)
SiMoN (Japan)
StereonoiZ (Peru)
IZA (Poland)
Prāta Vētra (Latvia)
Chateau Marmont (France)
Maya Vik (Norway)
Funeral Suits (Ireland)
The Deer Tracks (Sweden)
Mujuice (Russia)
Birth of Joy (The Netherlands)
Hell Shovel (Greece, Germany, Canada, France)
Grmln (US)
Wooster (US)
Okta Logue (Germany)
Instrumenti (Latvia)
Gemini Club (US)
Bagheera (US)
Gliss (Denmark)
Mystery Skulls (US)
Incan Abraham (US)
Heliotropes (US)
D E N A (Bulgaria)
PanSTARRS (Egypt)
Beneen Squad (Senegal)
The Secret Shine (UK)
Like Swimming (Sweden)
Vincente Gayo (Mexico)
Float Fall (Belgium)
Bombay Show Pig (The Netherlands)
Frida Sundemo (Sweden)
Family Wagon (US)
Cosmic Suckerpunch (US)
Exile Parade (UK)
The Novocaines (AU)
The Cooper Gamins (Mexico)

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