Country Music Festivals Hit a Bump in the Road

Big BarrelWhile not as depressing as losing your girl, your truck, or your dog, country music festivals have lost a trio of debut fests since the beginning of the year.

The FarmBorough Festival showed up last year in New York City with Toby Keith and Jason Aldean. They even had tickets on sale for this year, but recently pulled the plug citing that “all of us at FarmBorough Festival appreciate the support we have received, but conditions dictate that we redirect our energy at this time.” And by redirect, they mean not New York City.

Down in Delaware, the Goldenvoice backed Big Barrel faced off against Delaware Junction and the ensuing battle took down both of the first-year fests. Big Barrel cancelled in January, posted an official statement, and gave information on refunds. Delware Junction has used a different tact. Their website has vanished, they’re not returning phone calls, and they even took down their Facebook page.

No need to worry country fans. There’s more than enough fests to fill the summer. From Watershed in Washington to Tortuga in Florida to Stagecoach in California, check out our list of country fests happening this year.

Photo Credit: Big Barrel Festival 

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